A brief introduction of Energy Premiere and Services Inc

In todayís competitive business environment, continuous supply of electrical power is essential to any Company. Virtually all central control and monitoring system have to be protected against failure of the main power by an additional battery assisted back up supply or other means.

In this regards, Energy Premiere and Services Inc., has specialized itself into offering a range of complementary products and services, mainly focused in Energy Conversion, Electric Engineering and Security Solutions.

Energy Premiere and Services Inc., is committed to provide safety and total power continuity solutions to our customers in the oil refinery, shipyard, power utilities, and other industrial applications.

Through its Management, Energy Premiere and Services Inc., has been involved in those fields of application all over the Philippines for the past 15 years and is offering today the following services :

  • Pre-sales Support
  • Design and Recommendation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Technical Support Adapted to Customer Needs
  • Customer Training's and Seminars
  • Maintenance Contracts